Customization Activating Micro Serum 100
Size: 18ml

<What it is>

Jam-packed with the proprietary ingredient, Perecells®.

Unique transdermal delivery system.

Deliver deep penetration to ensure amplified product efficacy.

<Highlighted Ingredient>

Perecells® : SanteMuse’s exclusive anti-aging ingredient. Composed of 88 bioactive growth factors, Perecells® works to activate fibroblasts to boost collagen and restore elastic fiber network with superior penetration.


Based on your personalized SanteMuse DNA skin report, we will specifically formulate three bottles of serum that target the skin concerns that bother you the most.

Blend three collections of serum with SanteMuse Customization Activating Micro Serum, tighten the dropper, and gently shake until all concentrates are evenly mixed. 

Use daily, morning and night, after cleansing and toning.


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