Glint Allergy-Relieving Repair Cream

<What it is>

-Soothe skin discomforts and relieve skin stress. 

-Facilitate cell renewal and upregulate skin metabolism. 

-Improve skin microcirculation and repair damaged skin.

<Highlighted Ingredient>

-Azulene: soothe skin discomforts and relieve skin stress. 

-Oligopeptide-1: facilitate cell renewal and rebuild the epidermal layer. 

-β- glucose: ultimately hydrate and nourish skin for a firmer, plumper look.


Method One.

Apply an appropriate amount of cream onto face and massage until fully absorbed.

Method Two.

Blend 2-3 drops of Glint Allergy-Relieving Repair Serum with the cream, and apply the mixture onto face.


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